"Shannon...is a wonder to watch"

Shannon Agnew, who has become a beloved fixture at Millbrook and is now serving as an Artistic Associate, is a wonder to watch. She conveys the delight and confusion of a child, the selfish cruelty of an adolescent, the

gleeful wonder of a college student falling in love, and the tentative explorations of a woman gradually coming into her own, all with just the right mix of bravery and vulnerability.

Mamma Mia

"What should be applauded and is deservedly appreciated is the sure-fire direction of Shannon Agnew. Starring in the Cabaret finale “Every Brilliant Thing,” Millbrook veteran Agnew keeps the cast and the action flowing."

"Beauty and the Beast may be best ever"

"...And kudos as well to Shannon Agnew, one of Millbrook’s long-time favorite performers and directors, who is directing her first main stage show with “Beauty and the Beast.”...As I was leaving last night, I overheard someone behind me say, “one of the best shows ever.” Yes. A great beginning to the 2018 summer season."

"Barefoot in the Park" Brings the laughs

"Much of the success of this “Barefoot” adaptation can best be laid at the feet of Shannon Agnew, the show’s energetic director. Agnew, who was almost a fixture on Millbrook’s stages the last few years, moves into Millbrook’s director’s chair for the first time in this classic Neil Simon comedy."

Elinor Donahue Offers her Last Theaterical Performance in Harvey

 Elinor Donahue, well known for her roles in the series "Father Knows Best" and "The Andy Griffith Show," stars in the Judson Theatre Company production of Harvey in Pinehurst, NC, beginning Sept. 24. Donahue has stated in several interviews that the play would be the final theatrical performance of her lengthy career...featuring Shannon Agnew."

If I Were A Drag Queen, I Would Be Famous

"She is funny as hell, manages some fantastic singing, and pulls off so many impersonations that it doesn’t seem right to call it a one-person show...her irreverent wit and undeniable talent earn a standing ovation. She’s not famous, not yet, but give her some time."

Musical Keen on Family Dynamics, Following Dreams

"Agnew has a wonderful singing voice, she's the kind of person that can belt out a song and make you take notice...Millbrook does a beautiful job with this performance...the actors pull off a wonderful show that is entertaining and heartwarming." 

Millbrook's Queen Of Bingo

"Courtney Cook plays Sis and Shannon Agnew is Babe, with these very talented actresses carving out funny portraits....with Agnew's "crazy" rant in Act II about her failed diets, increasing dress sizes and efforts to avoid a would-be boyfriend drawing hoots of laughter."

Church Basement Ladies Know How to Bring the Laughs

"...Worthy of praise-and perhaps the standout performer of the show-is Shannon Agnew. Playing the part of Mrs. Gilmer Gilmerson, she really succeeds in delivering the campy, slapstick laughs ... Agnew definitely knows how to get the audience roaring."

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Harvey   Meet the Cast

My Vaudeville Man   Millbrook Playhouse Premiere



Directing Portfolio


Performance Production Photos

The Little Mermaid 
Director: Courtney Laine Self
Photo Credit: Ethan Vail 
Featuring Elinor Donahue
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My Vaudeville Man
Regional Premiere
Director: Josh Kelly, Choreographer: Courtney Laine Self
Photo Credit: Ethan Vail
Show More
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The Marvelous Wonderettes
Director/Choreographer: Dax Valdes
Photo Credit: Ethan Vail
Forbidden Broadway: Greatest Hits
Director Choreographer: John Bow
Photo Credit: Ginger Agnew
Leading Ladies
Director: Robert W. Schneider
Photo Credit: Ethan Vail
Show More
The Queen Of Bingo
Director: Martina Rogers
Photo Credit: Ethan Vail
Show More
Church Basement Ladies
Director: Marc De La Concha
Photo Credit: Ethan Vail
Show More
The Wizard Of Oz
Director/Choreographer: David Leidholdt
Show More
Director: David Leidholdt
Show More
Director: Bruce Curless
Show More
I Am My Own Wife
Director: Colton Childs
Photo Credit: Olivia Gemelli
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