Sketch Comedy / Monologues
Sketches written and performed by Me, Shannon Agnew
Filming Les Miserables: Anne Hathaway
The Queen Of Bingo   Reel 
NBC's The Sound Of Music
Rush from "Nunsense" by Dan Goggin
Musical Theater Songs
14 Dwight Ave.   Elegies    by William Finn
Diva's Lament   Spamalot    by Eric Idle
Annie   Forbidden Broadway  
by Gerard Alessandrini
How Can I Put It Any Plainer   
My Vaudeville Man
The Old Dog Has Come Home  
My Vaudeville Man
Parody lyrics written by Shannon Agnew
Billie Holiday "God Bless The Child"
Julie Andrews "Supercalafragalistic" Parody
Judy Garland Medly
Idina Menzel "Wizard and I" parody
Patti LuPone "Rose's Turn / Don't Cry For Me Argentina"
Liza Minnelli "Ring Them Bells"